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Телебачення та радію

1. Перекласти англійською:

1) В Україні є комерційні та державні канали.2) Комерційні канали показують розважальні передачі та цікаві фільми.3) Державні канали показують старі фільми, спортивні програми, випуски новин та документальні фільми.4) Я надаю перевагу перегляду комерційних каналів.5) Хлопці нашого класу дивляться переважно спортивні програми та розважальні телепередачі.

2. Прочитати текст та дати відповіді на запитання (письмово)
Television (colloquially known as “TV” or the “telly”) is nowadays so popular that it is hard to believe that the first pictures were transmitted about fifty years ago. The BBC was the first company in the world to provide a public television service, which began in 1936. Viewers are now able to watch television for many hours a day, if they have time and wish. Moreover, viewers now have four channels at their disposal. In 1955 the Independent Broadcasting Authority opened a television service and in 1982 a second independent service came into operation. The BBC provides two channels. Advertisers buy time for advertising on Independent Television, but advertising time is short; it is limited by the special Act that allowed commercial television. Viewers of any of the programmes can watch plays, reports about different events, sports, news, interviews with famous people, musical performances and many other things. Films are often televised and many of them are made specially for television. The cinema industry is jealous of television, and keeps new films for showing in cinemas. But sometimes television shows new films. Television has attracted many people away from cinema and, in recent years, many cinemas have been closed. Most programmes are now transmitted in colour — but can of course also be received in black-and-white. The number of colour sets in use is very large. British television is linked with Europe through the Eurovision network.


1. When did television appear?2. What was the first broadcasting company in Britain?3. What programmes are shown?4. Do you like watching TV?5. What is your favourite channel?6. What is your favourite programme?

3. Домашнє завдання: написати розповідь “Television in My Life”

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