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Спортсмени. Види спорту.

1. Повторити види спорту за посиланням http://easy-english.com.ua/sport-vocabulary/

2. Прочитати текст та дати письмові відповіді на запитання:

The first Olympic Games took place in Greece. The modern Olympic Games began again in 1896. They take place every four years. They can not take place in a country which is at war, and during the two world wars there were no Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games there are competitions in many kinds of sports: running, jumping, athletics, swimming, boxing, basketball, football and others. Winter Olympic Games first took place in 1924. At the Winter Olympic Games many countries take part in competitions in skiing, skating, ice hockey and other winter sports. This year the Games have taken place in Rio, Brazil. Our sportsmen won 18 gold medals, 12 silver medals, 14 bronze medals.

1. Where were the first Olympic Games?

2. When did the modern Olympic Games begin?

3. What kinds of sports are there?

4. Winter Olympic Games First took place in 1924, didn’t they?

5. Where were the last Olympic Games?

6. How many medals did our sportsmen win ?

7. Did we have Olympiade in our school?

3. Відгадати вид спорту за описом. (відповіді записати в зошит)

a) It is a game. Both men and women can play it. The players have a ball. They play ball with their hands. There are 6 players in every team.

b) It is a very beautiful kind of sports. It gives the sportsmen strength, rhythm and grace. The sportsmen do some exercises or dance to the music. The sportsmen have beautiful costumes too.

с) This game is played in our country: at school, universities and sports clubs. It was first played in the USA. The team has 5 players. They bounce the ball in the floor up and down with one hand. They try to throw the ball into the basket.

d) It is the most popular game in England and in our country. The players have a ball. The game lasts for 90 minutes. The players try to score a goal.

е) It is a game of 2 players. Each players starts with sixteen different playing pieces. They move the playing pieces on a board. The aim of the game is taking your opponent’s king.

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